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Aaron started his art studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and moved on to an art college in Scotland. There he was introduced to mountains, the Highlands. One day he was drawing at the beach, looking toward the town taking in the sweep of the headlands. The rough charcoal drawing felt fresh and honest like nothing he had ever done. On that day Aaron packed up all his post-modern cleverness and became a landscape painter.

In 1995 Schuerr received his fine art degree and returned to the U.S. He married a Montana girl and followed her out west. For the first year he had no studio, so he was forced to brave the often savage of Montana weather in order to paint. It was the best training an artist can have.

Aaron now lives in Livingston, Montana with his wife and three sons. Though he now has a large studio to work out of, he still advocates painting directly from nature as much as possible.